Its Life..your wisdom wants..your heart doesn’t..

In life we encounter certain situations in which our wisdom wants us to take a decision just opposite to what our heart chooses to go..what to do..

Your brain drives you to take a decision which goes against one person after considering interests of all connected people who are important to you..whereas heart is so much attached to this person that it is unwilling to accept the decision..

In such a situation…if all our efforts to counsel the person also fail..should we make all others affected to compromise n suffer or take the decision against the liking of that particular person despite our deep attachment..

I think it is better to go with the later…your thoughts?

Life’s bad phases are opportunities

A bad phase in life comes with a lot of teachings…it gives one a chance to….

…. introspect oneself as to what went wrong and what we could have been done better

….realign ourselves for a more meaningful life and better future

….identify our true well wishers who stand by us in testing times

….test our inner strengths to fight the challenges of life

…help us find newer ways to enhance our inner strength..such as spirituality, meditation etc..

….discover hidden strengths, skills and capabilities we never knew we had

…discover opportunities to fight the challenges and areas to grow which we rarely do in comfort and much more…

So..NEVER lose hope when passing through a bad phase in life…keep a positive attitude… turn it into an opportunity for becoming a BETTER, STRONGER AND MORE SUCCESSFUL HUMAN BEING …TRY TO BE HAPPY

#life #positive #teachings

Social Distancing is very important in Corona times…

Social Distancing is very important in Corona times…

Not only humans but animals have also learnt the art of NAMASTE🙏🙏 …see for yourself..a squirrel wished me with folded hands..really loved it❤❤

Benefits of Lukewarm Water for Healthy Life..

Daily sipping a glass or two of lukewarm water immediately after rising from bed in the morning can prove to be very useful for one’s health… It is especially beneficial in respiratory disorders as well as clearing stomach. Mix a spoon of turmeric…it can help prevent cancer also.Its not a medical advice but a preventive healthy routine which costs nothing…you may consult a doctor or read more about it to reassure yourself..

Life is full of surprises…

Life is full of surprises…if u miss one thing now..don’t lose hope..u may get better deal in bargain..just be patient!

The sky is full of clouds today..i tried clicking them…the result is a bit poetic…missed first shot but a Rainbow in bargain in the second one…please read my experience in my poem…

Clouds capture the whole sky..
To hold them in frame, I give a try..
As I prepare to click them..
They slip away feeling shy..
Now I wait for another shot..
Fearing whether I get or not..
Nature gives me chance again..
This time better than what I thought..
– Sanjeev KN

#clouds #poetry

Walk for a healthy life…

Walking has immense benefits for a healthy life…regular and continuous walking releases such chemicals in our body which help keep a lot of internal body functions normal…so make it a habit to walk atleast 10000 steps in a day for a better health!

Just a trigger thought for everyone to explore more benefit in detail if u like

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